7 reasons to hire a coach for your organisation

These days we can have a coach for everything, a dating to interview coach to health to happiness  coach and so on. And we are now bombarded with information about the benefit that such an individual can provide.

However, there is still some shame to have a coach. I think it is to do with the fact we deal with emotions and feelings and that it can be very scary to talk about them.  I have numerous clients who are happy to work with me but can not cope with anyone finding out they have used a coach. you need to be wary of you you hire as the coaching profession is not regulated at all. 

What is the point of a coach and how can you benefit?

1/ A coach is usually an outsider with no political /personal/ professional  interest in your organisation. In other words he/ she is neutral and entirely detached from your company.

2/ A coach is therefore more objective.

3/ A coach respect total confidentiality

4/ The coach is not a therapist. He or she is not there to fix you or  your staff , there is no treatment, you are not considered ill or inappropriate.

5/ A coach comes from a non- judgmental zone and will take you as you are

6/ A  coach does not make empty promises but will work consistently with you or  your staff

7/ A coach is able to challenge you  or your staff and make you think in different ways but in a very supportive way. There is no threat, no disciplining, no punishment.

What is the gain for you and your organisation?

For example if you are an organisation, what type of problem do you have with your staff?

-Are some of your staff underachieving, overreacting, disorganised, negative,  stressed?

And on  a personal level,

if you want some changes in your life, if you are fed up to repeat the same mistakes, if you get frustrated with others

  • The coach will help you to bring the best of yourself
  • The coach will help you to be more self- aware and to have more control over your own life
  • The coach will help to feel better about yourself and to accept others in a more open and positive way.
  • It is not about a quick fix but a process of discovery.

But you need to accept to change a little bit or a lot and then life at work and in general will be much easier.

Helene Musso is a  confidence and communication coach, a mother, a teacher and a trainer .She helps individuals and organisations  to be better communicators,  at  interviews,  in public , in meetings. She helps your staff to manage stress and to interact with other people in a more positive and assertive way, in confidence and with confidence.  She is based in Chelmsford, Essex and work face to face or on skype. You can contact her on 07875627485 or drop her a mail on beconfident@helenemusso.com, website www.helenemusso.com


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