Thank you for donating for my first triathlon

running-573762_640Hello, lovely people

I am taking part in my first Triathlon this year at Epping, 300 metres  pool swim followed by 21km bike and 4 km run. Although my level of fitness is good, I am scared! Changing over from one sport to another is difficult. Here is some information about the race.

I have decided to raise money for 2 good causes.

The  Mumba project.  Winning women, my business group  has been supporting the Mumba Project for several years. It is amazing how a few pounds here and there can do to help a whole community in Africa.

I am also supporting Infinity Tri, my local triathlon club in Chelmsford and Maldon. I am particularly impressed with the work of the coaches there who consistently support and train youngsters and adults and have shown dedication and passion for the sport. They are all givingso much of  their time and energy and I am grateful for the  constant encouragement given by everyone attending and coaching. The team work is incredible and it  is a good place to learn and train.

Thank you for giving generously

Please donate using the paypall button below and I will share the funds between the two causes equally.

Thank  you very much


Any problem send me an email on