Best tips for your first short presentation

10 minutes presentation to make: here are my best tips!

  •  What is the purpose of your talk?- get yourself known, practice and refine your message, sell a product, promote a product or service, educate,inform,  prepare for the wedding? Depending on that purpose, your last few minutes will be important for your audience to take away an offer or a discounted product for example.
  • Who are you talking to? Women are often much more receptive than men. A local club might be quite happy with a small presentation and it will feel less intimidating. Start where you are familiar.
  •  Keep to the time:10 minutes is not that long,  Keep it to 3 to 4 points, keep it simple!

Best tips:

Tell at least one story- yours preferably or success story or an adversity story. or both if it relevant.  When I came to Winning women Essex recently, I listened to Beverley Sky Fulker talking about her story, her experience. What was fascinating was the way the group of women round the table within a minute were glued to her story and wanted to know more about her. A story told with passion and sincerity will always work! Make the story very real, do not generalise but find a moment in time which would encapsulate your story.

Find a way of  engage  the audience– anyone noticed that Tanya Mann Rennick asked us to stand up and move about to activate our brain and make us engaged- Nobody wants to get bored so below are some suggestions

-Ask questions to your audience,

-Make a bold statement

-Use a flip chart to record some ideas in the shape of a brainstorm,

-Ask them to join in an exercise,

-Ask them to turn to the person next to them and discuss for a minute your idea,

-Ask for a volunteer to demonstrate an exercise,

-Pass one of your products round the audience for them to touch it.

. Pause for a moment, what else could you do?

Please please prepare, you will be less nervous and you will be better. I lost trust and  respect for a business owner at a business showcase  who admitted just before her speech,  she had not prepared and she was going to wing it! Her speech was not engaging and at times embarrassing.

At the end

Think Call for action :  in other words: What do you want them to do!  This come back to what  the purpose of your talk is!

If  your aim is to be known or to sell make sure at the end that the audience know how to contact you or make sure you have their email address- give a free bee in exchange for their emails for example

Reminder : Mindset

-Assume support

– They won’t know if you have made a mistake unless you make it obvious. Do not apologise profusely.

– Have a conversation with each member in the room

-Take your time

-Allow yourself to slow down and to take your time

-Change your inner voice from I can’t to I can, from I  will try to I am doing or I am.

-Rome was not build in one day

 Practical Tools


Circle of Assurance , stand and believe, make yourself bigger

Animal imagery


Public Speaking Demystified follows the

The 5 keys to unlock your speaking

Be yourself

Discover your extraordinary story/ies

Have fun : find the child within

Be kind to yourself


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Good luck!


21 things you need to do before presenting

A young woman struggling with a migraine

In this blog Helene talks about the do’s and don’ts of your last minute  preparation for your first talk, speech or presentation  at an event. Now all is well and you have been getting some help shaping your speech. You know what you’re talking about. You know why you are talking.  you know who you are talking to?What are the 21 do or don’t  in the last few days coming up to  the event?

Preparation is key but it is essential not to overdo it or under do it . Good luck

1) Make sure you have memorise  your bullet point list with the main key points of your talk. This does not need to be detailed but it will help you to go from one point to the other

2) Prepare a few sentences to say at the beginning so that you don’t get the wobbles straight away.

3) Remember to interact with the audience and have one or two things that the audience can interact with you . A few questions you can answer, or an exercise that you are likely to do.

4) Check the time of your speech. Practice it. If you’re only allowed 10 minutes then remember that 10 minutes can be quite long, but it can be quite short too. not to much  rambling allowed

5) Make sure you don’t overdo it.,  By that I mean over-prepare and change your mind and re-prepare and change again. After a few changes,  stick to your plan and believe it will be fine.

6) Make sure you don’t under do it though. Have your plan in your head (bullet points) and practice. If you can, in front of a friend. If you can’t just say the words,the whole presentation to yourself, in front of a mirror if you want, in the car, I practice my speeches in the car. Do it the way you feel comfortable. I like to pace up and down to remember and practice my speech. You can think about standing and not moving. Just do it the way you want it, and then you can possibly do it without moving so much.

7) Make sure that if you are using difficult words you practice them well especially if you are a foreigner. You are likely to feel weak at the knees and therefore to just say words in an incomprehensible manner, and mumble especially at the start

8) Think about being slower rather than faster. If you are too fast your message won’t get there. People won’t have time to understand it. It’s better to say less but say it clearly and slowly.

9) Visualise your success. You can do it!

10) Make sure you know your call to action but make it simple. If your speech is only 10 minutes one call to action is enough.

11) Don’t prepare again and again on the last day and think you are going to change your mind. It will make you nervous.

12) Don’t practice a few hours before the event. Practice the day before or the day before that.

13)  On the day,  go through the bullet point list again and have it handy just in case you are worried about speaking.

14) Don’t rely on notes, only a few key points. I have noticed over the years you never really have time to read notes and plus it breaks down the communication with the audience if you read from notes.

15) Lift it off the page by looking at the audience, if you feel you need to use the notes.

16) Think success, assume support, if you assume support,  it will be given. If you go there feeling it is not going to work you’re not going to be successful. People don’t know if you’re not talking about what you practiced. They won’t notice what you consider a mistake unless you make it obvious

17) Smile, not all the time but at the beginning, in the middle smile again if you can.

18) Go early enough to meet other people. Make sure you mingle with other people so you don’t get focused on your presentation but soaking up other people‘s presentation.

19) Breathe. Go and do some breathing exercises just before you talk, in the toilet if needed!

20) Keep your body open and make sure you are loud enough,  talk to the audience not behind your piece of paper!

21) Think about your circle of influence round you and step in it or create it in your head before you speak

20) You have done it!. Do not torment yourself by putting yourself down. if it is your first time, congratulate yourself for having spoken and, ask yourself “what did I do well” and then “what could I do differently” next time and then  make a note what you could do differently on paper as you will forget!

21) Go  and have a drink with your friends!

Well-done, you can do it. I believe you can and you will. Please comment under the blog

Surrender or getting angry, what choice are you going to make today?

Surrender or getting angry: choose the best solution, a story to help come to terms with not getting your own way.

I went to do a day’s supply yesterday in a school.  I still teach and I run my own business and I have two children, I sometimes wonder why I’m tired! Anyhow, I was in the classroom with year one, they are 5 to 6 years old, and I’d been with them over an hour and break was coming up.  I got them ready for break and as they were lining up, I was sent a message that it was wet play, which meant they had to stay in the classroom.

This was my second day in this school and I was quite tired, it was Friday, the end of the week.   And I just had one moment of complete anger, thinking ‘what am I supposed to do now?’ And I did call to another teacher, I could see one bringing students back from the playground. I asked ‘What am I supposed to do?  What’s happening to break?’

businesswoman in anger

I had two choices there, the first one was to make my own life a misery, and I was getting quite tense with the kids, because I needed a break.  Then I thought, ‘Well, actually if I had a break that would be great, but I haven’t got a break, so I may as well be easy on myself  and enjoy being with the students.

They all took their coats off, I told them they could play, they took   some toys out and started playing and I sat there and started playing with them too.  Making faces, laughing, talking to them.  And you know what?  Once I had decided there was nothing I could do and I needed just to surrender, just to calm myself and just go with the flow I relaxed and I wasn’t half as tired, I didn’t need my drink now.  I would have been pleased to have a drink then because you get thirsty when you teach, but I could wait.

happy girl in yellow dress

By the time break was over I was ready to start again, then suddenly someone turned up and said ‘I’m here to relieve you so you can have a break.’  I thanked her, gave her some work for the children and left for 10 minutes.  But what was amazing was that if I’d been annoyed with the kids, carried on wanting my break, pushing and getting annoyed, I would possibly have shouted at the children, made myself feel bad, upset the children, and it wasn’t their fault, and by the time someone had turned up I would have been really, really wound up.  But I chose the easiest solution.  Just to surrender.  To think ‘Ok, let’s all have a break together, let’s make the most of it.  Just enjoy being together’.

The kids were having a good time, they weren’t misbehaving, they were lovely and I even gave them a few more minutes play.  So they were happy.  And I think that’s quite important when you want to think about expressing yourself. If you find the wrong time to say what you feel, I could have been really angry, and get really annoyed with the kids and the school.   But because I decided not to and I decided I was going to relax my whole body started to relax.  I didn’t feel as tired and although obviously I needed a break, it was less urgent.  And it is something that’s quite important when you start speaking or when you’re in front of other people and you have to speak.

3d imagen Attitude issues concept word cloud background

Often, it’s better not to worry and just take one thing at a time.   Hold the faith, think that it’s going to be OK.  It’s going to be alright. And realise that if you push too much you are going to make everything miserable, you and the others around you.   Also, what do other people need?  The children needed a break, but it didn’t really matter where it was.  They wanted to play and that is what we did.   Because they were allowed to play and because I relaxed, they were happy.

I think this is a really quite important lesson to learn.  To just relax and surrender.  To just think ‘OK, I can’t have it all my way, and does it really matter?  As long as we, as a group we are making progress.’   That’s what counts.

So, I just want you to think today about the analogy between that situation in the classroom and times when you might have talked to your team, you want them to do this and that,  you just barked orders at them instead of trying to see what else they need. “Are they ready to listen to me? Is it the right time for them?  How can I engage them?  How can I treat them so that they respond? Can I really control the whole thing? Shall I forget to try to get my own way?

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