• Scared of speaking in public?
  • Fed up with heart palpitations and knotted throat?
  • Unable to make full contribution at meetings?
  • New to leading a team and in search for more authority and assurance?
  • Having to make presentations for your business and for work?
  • Speaking  English as a second language and having to present?

This course will help you take the fear and mystery out of speaking in public and about being fully confident when expressing yourself.  Whether it is for a business or work presentation, or you are fed up with mumbling and trembling,   I can help you prepare and feel confident in yourself ready for the big day or in your life in general .


  • Build or rebuild your self-confidence
  • Overcome your fears of speaking in public
  • Develop a confident mindset
  • Adopt the 5 keys- as explained in my book- to unlock your speaking
  • Find your own voice and your own message
  • Transform your relationship with speaking, Speaking is enjoyable
  • Practice your speaking in a safe environment and a small group ( maximum 12)
  • Practise using focused and relevant and interactive group exercises

Minimum number of participants to run the course: 4, maximum: 12

 Why work with me?

  • Safe environment to explore and develop speaking skills with practical presentations
  • Groups of maximum 8 participants for full attention and full practice
  • Interactive and hands on  training with a range of  relevant activities

The trainer – Moi!

  • Experienced trainer and facilitator.  Over 20 years of teaching and training on Public Speaking courses, Curriculum based courses, Drama, Theatre Studies, Creative skills to adults and children for Schools, Colleges and Adult education and for Creative Partnerships, a creative UK government initiative.
  •  Confidence coach, NLP coach and practitioner trained with John Seymour NLP,  Bristol.
  • A published author of the “The power to Outrageous Expression”
  •  Previous Courses delivered for Anglia Ruskin University, Ignite Business Enterprise, Royal Opera House Creative Partnerships,Creative Partnerships Thames Gateway A New Direction, Future Creative, Uttlesford District council, EmmaNutrition, Olympus Medical Device Manufacturing,  Camelot Health and Safety solutions, Airport Lettings,  The Therapeutic Pilates Centre, Pradip Mistry coaching, Media Confidence, Protocol Education, StepTeachers,  Chelmsford County High school for Girls, William de Ferrers school, Harlow College, Boswells school, Havering College of Further and Higher education
  • Associate Examiner for  Person Edexcel

You cannot fail, there is no failure only feedback, your only failure would be not to come!

Hear it from others

“It was very interactive and energizing course. Helene created positive and friendly atmosphere which helped me to feel safe. I’m glad I joined the workshop and I’ll recommend to anyone who would like to improve his confidence. Andrea Hall

By the way, you’ve mention that I’ll see the gradual improvement. I think I started to see the results now.  I went for some birthday party just after Christmas where I knew one person and briefly one couple (it was about 30 people in different age). I was quite calm and confident I have to say.  Very unusual for me normally I would be stressed and would like to run away ASAP.”                                                                Beata Diakowska

“Hélène presents in a lively and captivating way displaying passion and belief in herself, transferring honest and positive energy. She radiates such positive energy which is impossible to avoid. It is externally very obvious when Hélène believes in/is connected to, whatever it is she is presenting to someone. For anyone wanting to develop and tune into such skills, Media Confidence can help you “feel the fear and do it anyway”.

Angela, 3rd Year Student in Law, Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford

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