One to one confidence and presentation coaching

Helene helped me to understand myself better and recognise my achievements which has given me confidence. I would recommend the course as you need to be confortable with yourself to be comfortable with others. Helene is very good at getting people to open up and recognise their own qualities, strenghts and skills.

Erica Hay, Independent financial consultant

I think today has been very thought provoking. Helene helped me to understand myself better. I think I have recognised that I am sensitive and vulnerable and that is ok to be those things.

Client asked to remain anonymous

Thinking, reflecting and foucssing on how I feel about the way  I communicate myself to an audience. I would recommend the work as it has given me practical techniques to use in a variety of realistic situations, food for thought and tools to practise and use in the future. it is personallised to you and your business. I like the content, the tools the positive approach personalised to me and the expert knowledge and experience.

Leanne Perilly, Make Up artist

After a few years of running a community group and leading workshops, I have been asked to share my life story at an event called Ordinary’s People Extraordinary Stories. I was very excited by this opportunity and despite having presented in front of larger audiences in the past, I somehow felt a little fear and concern about my speech. So I wanted to book a session with an expert and worked with Helene to guide me. We had a couple of sessions. Helene took me through the preparation, including breathing and building connection with the audience. We also worked on my speech and she gave me a very helpful feedback on my recorded presentation. All in all, I was very pleased with her friendly yet very professional attitude. I was worried I will go off the point or forget what I wanted to say. None of this happened. Helene helped me to prepare very well and bring my authentic energy into my speech. It was worth it! I received a great feedback saying “You have a unique talent and ability to deliver a heartfelt speech, connect with the audience from your heart as well as articulate your ideas clearly.” If you have an important presentation or speech to deliver, booking a few sessions with Helene is definitely worth your investment.

Adriana Kosovska, Career & Leadership mentor, founder of Zero to Dream Job platform


Public Speaking Demystified course testimonials

 “I learned so much from Helene and it is largely because of her that I am able to run my own events and feel comfortable speaking, which is something I never imagined would happen.

When I first attended one of Helene’s short courses I was nervous even to stand in front of the group to speak. I had been trained in advocacy for my profession but speaking from the heart was something different! In a couple of hours Helene showed me how to connect with an audience and gave me the confidence I needed to make a start. Later, I attended a one day course with Helene which really helped me to build a solid foundation. I learned to deliver my message and to feel confident before an audience. The experience was fun and inspiring and I felt comfortable in the safe space that Helene held for us. I was also lucky enough to experience a transformational afternoon during which Helene coached me in speaking in front of a camera. I went from awkward to poised in a few short hours and a whole world of new possibilities opened up for me. I now have the confidence to host my own events, to grasp with both hands any opportunities to speak no matter how large the audience, and I have the wonderful gift of knowing that public speaking can be enjoyable and fulfilling, rather than terrifying. Thanks, Helene!”

Harriet Balcombe, Mind Calm coach

“I thought it was exceptional and I came away feeling confident that I would be a match for Jeremy Paxman or John Humphries when the day comes, you had a wealth of tips and a common sense attitude that enabled you to turn us all in to very calm and collected orators prepared to go out and tell our own story to the world when given the opportunity, we were also eager to make those occasions happen and shown how to create the opportunities, the small group I trained with were converted from anxious mumblers to polished speakers before the end of the day, and for that I thank you.”

Terry Farthing, Managing Director, Airport Lettings, London

Public Speaking Demystified level 1

Anglia Ruskin University
“Having completed the training I feel a real sense of achievement. My public Speaking has gained with the confidence that I can be myself and this feels good. Feedback on my speaking has empowered me to be confident in future opportunities.”
Helen Jones, Anglia Ruskin University, Research Administrator
 “I really enjoyed Helene’s course today. There was a really relaxing atmosphere and everybody was  comfortable. I’d definitely recommend the course to anyone who needs to work on getting confidence to speak. I am taking valuable tips today and can’t wait to apply them in my field of work.”  Sharon Kaur
 “This is the third workshop I have attended with Helene and have found each one very useful and helpful. I realise that gaining the confidence and skills to feel at ease speaking in public will take time but Helene’s courses are helping to speed up that process.”
Jackie Hopper, homeopath.

“Stepped out of my comfort zone today, learnt lots and about me,‪#‎believeinmyselfandrea‬ thank you Helene Musso you amazing lady, Loved loved loved today Thank you, great people and a great trainerHelene Musso xx”  Andrea Hall, Herbalife coach

“Thank you Helene Musso for today, I attended public Speaking Demystified level one, i really enjoyed the day great group and a fab trainer, really enjoyed your training techniques and I will/look forward to putting those into practice. Anyone that’s a bundle of nerves like me speaking do see Helene”,  Andrea Hall

“Helene created a safe, nurturing environment where we started the process of communicating and expressing ourselves with vulnerability with confidence”.  Julia Meehan-Thompson

“Really enjoyable course, interactive, Helene, great trainer, was engaged throughout, could have gone on longer, Highly recommend. Thank you.”

“Helene was very clear with her instructions. She is supportive, inspiring and it was fun. I will attend course 2.” Victoria Gerlis

“I enjoyed the course as it helped me to understand myself and basic of public speaking, it helped me to interact with ease in a group and to express myself. It helped me to understand my strengths and change the perception of myself when it comes to speaking. I would certainly recommend the course to anyone who wishes to speak in public”. Shiva Shankar, Doctor

2 weeks after the training , this is what Shiva Shankar added:

“Just to let you  know my presentation went well attending your workshop gave me the confidence to face everyone so I am  looking forward to meet you again.  thanks”

2 weeks later, Andrea Hall led a Fitness camp training centre and said the following afterwards: “Thank you Helene Musso loved tonight, feeling so much better in myself after your course, believing in myself” and was congratulated by several members of the group.

2 days after the training, Gina Blundell made a business presentation and that is what she said afterwards I felt more confident and breathed,  looked around,  made eye contact and smiled! Also felt nervous when I stood up but this time,  I looked around the room and introduced myself.. Think I will always feel the nerves at the start then relax into it Definitely helped xx

Thank you Helene Musso for a great workshop today on Public Speaking Demystified. Came away with some really helpful tools. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to be able to communicate effectively in large group situations. Met some wonderful people too! Nila Mistry

Thank you so much. You made me feel at ease. I really enjoyed  the course. I am now looking forward to using what I have learnt. Lyndsey Watson

3 days after the training this is what Lyndsey said:

Just wanted to check in and let you know I  had WIBN – a networking group- today (not my 10 min presentation)   and I really noticed the difference. I chose to stand for my one minute and I actually enjoyed it. I smiled, looked around the table and felt the support and was no where near as nervous as usual and that is all down to you so thank you so much. I am looking forward to my 10 mins pitch next month x

An interactive  workshop packed with useful tools by a down to earth leader/presenter who is passionate about sharing her wealth of experience at a bargain price. You would be mad to miss our on this! Ms G. Bhatia



Essex coaching Group 


I attended Helene’s workshop because even though I am quite confident talking in front of people, I always know there is something to learn and improve. Helene guided through the workshop with ease and made it fun to engage with the content and other participants. Even though the workshop was in the evening, Helene managed to keep my attention every minute of it. I absolutely loved the ice braker exercises and the workshop exceeded my expectations. I would recommend the Helene’s workshops to everyone who is talking in front of a group and want to become more confident within.

Christine Michaelis, Creative Start-Up Academy

I am new to coaching and have just started my diploma with The Coaching Academy. I was intrigued by the workshop that Helene was conducting and wanted to learn how I can engage more with a group that I may work with. How was Helene as a facilitator?
Helene was really approachable and engaging at the session and I felt at ease and able to contribute. Helene shared her experience and had great enthusiasm and was encouraging and responsive to the whole group. What I took from the workshop wasIdeas for the icebreakers and the importance if trusting silence and making eye contact to build rapport.  This was really useful for me.The workshop exceeded my expectations and was really useful and insightful. I would definitely recommend the workshop to anyone who wants to feel confident when working with a group and who is looking to maximise how they can engage and build rapport with others.

Sarah Wedge

Anglia Ruskin Away day:

Helene run a series of workshops for Anglia Ruskin Student Services on the 28th of January 2016 on Change management and Communication skills.

Hélène Musso successfully delivered motivational workshops to 100 of our staff members at our annual Away Day in January 2016.  These workshops were very well received by staff, who confirmed that the main themes covered (“Change, and how to deal with it” & “How to interact with your colleagues”) were highly relevant.  Hélène has a natural ability to lift peoples’ spirits, taking them out of their comfort zones in an encouraging & constructive way.   Hélène is a passionate motivator & I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a high calibre professional to ignite confidence and encourage positive communication within your workforce.

Isabelle Cooke, PA, student services, Anglia Ruskin

I just wanted to express my thanks for the sessions you ran at our Staff Away Day last week. They were each thought provoking and engaging which was evidenced by the large numbers who enthusiastically participated in the activities. Some of the activities pushed us to step beyond our comfort zones but showed us what can be achieved by doing so – overall it seemed everyone had an enjoyable day and created a real feel good factor within the team.

Amanda Crouch AFHEA, Employability & Careers Team Manager

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your workshop sessions last week at our “Away Day” which were interactive, thought provoking and engaging…. learning can be fun!

Romilla, Disability and Wellbeing Adviser


20150527_21103611277933_10152978479733261_1911736841_oFeedback after providing training for  speakers at Winning women Essex 2015

It all started when I was “asked” to hold a speech to a group of entrepreneurial women. I have never ever done any kind of public speaking so this naturally really scared me. However Helene offered to help me prepare for it through a couple of sessions with her. It was the best money & time I have spent on myself and my own empowerment in a long time! Helene is a lovely bubbly lady with a wonderful personality who makes you feel instantly at ease. She took me back to the very basics, including breathing, but the most help was to get my “story” right seen/heard from someone else’s perspective i.e what did she want to know and why. With her guidance & help I got my speech notes created, we then practised a couple of times while timing me. I would highly recommend Helene for any speaking event you have to do. It has made me realise that I do know a lot more about Reflex Integration and Sensory Motor Therapy than most people, I am good at what I do and I conquered my fear and stood up last night and did my speechThank you again Helene! It all started when I was “asked” to hold a speech to a group of entrepreneurial women. I have never ever done any kind of public speaking so this naturally really scared me. However Helene offered to help me prepare for it through a couple of sessions with her. It was the best money & time I have spent on myself and my own empowerment in a long time! Helene is a lovely bubbly lady with a wonderful personality who makes you feel instantly at ease. She took me back to the very basics, including breathing, but the most help was to get my “story” right seen/heard from someone else’s perspective i.e what did she want to know and why. With her guidance & help I got my speech notes created, we then practised a couple of times while timing me. I would highly recommend Helene for any speaking event you have to do. It has made me realise that I do know a lot more about Reflex Integration and Sensory Motor Therapy than most people, I am good at what I do and I conquered my fear and stood up last night and did my speech .Thank you again Helene!  Vips Kirrage

You certainly supported your lovely women enabling them to get up and share, Helene, and giving them confidence to do that is obviously your forte. Irene Brankin

Without Helene’s help I would have really struggled to hold it together last night. Thank you Helene, I will be coming back for more! Yes, thank you Helene for supporting and guiding us to face standing up and sharing with all the fabulous women. I hope we have set a precedent for other winning women to stand up and share their stories and services.  Jan Cheswright

Thank you Helene for helping me find the courage to speak last night. Your courses are excellent and definitely worth attending xx Jackie Hopper

Thanks for today Helene It was so helpful Beautifully presented And really natural not like a tutorial great Information shared in an easy fun way, Celia Leslie, Transformational breath


“Hélène presents in a lively and captivating way displaying passion and belief in herself, transferring honest and positive energy. She radiates such positive energy which is impossible to avoid. It is externally very obvious when Hélène believes in/is connected to, whatever it is she is presenting to someone. For anyone wanting to develop and tune into such skills, she can help you “feel the fear and do it anyway”.”

Angela, 3rd Year Student in Law, Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford


Helene Musso is fabulous, if anyone gets nerves when speaking publicly,  Helene is the person to speak to, she is funny and helps build your confidence and I should know because she helped me. Thank you Helene, Karen Daniels, Forever living Product

“I have been on a course today at Winning Women – this Public Speaking course was run by Helene Musso – she is an excellent Professional Speaking Coach. I really enjoyed it and feel much more confident about my next Speaking Engagement at Leigh Community Centre next week”.
Just wanted to thank Helene for the fabulous session this morning. Found her style and pace really effective. I felt my confidence for public speaking has grown with her support, knowledge and skills. I look forward to attending more of Helene’s workshops.
Jan Cheswright, Amity coaching
“Helene uses very practical techniques and is so supportive throughout her courses to help people to find be able to find a way to speak out and gain the confidenceto present a talk” Jackie Hopper, homeopath
“It is great to see the ladies gain confidence and share vulnerable stories which reveal why they do what they do” Rosemary Cunningham, Winning women
.“Thank you for the follow up to the Public Speaking workshop Helene. I really think you have put me on the right track with planning my future talks for my new business Colourworx and given my the confidence going forward. Thank you”

Sandra Sparrowhawk, Colourworx

Helene Musso’s workshops are highly recommended. She is a lovely, friendly person and her Public Speaking  Workshop was fun and enjoyable. She takes you back to basics to help you get over any fear or nerves that you may have about public speaking, helps you relax and inspires you with confidence so that you feel brave enough to say anything to anyone. She has taught me new ways of gaining confidence before public speaking that I can use in giving workshops and speaking engagements as the founder of WRITE WAI PR & COPYWRITING SERVICES. Thank you Helen and Public Speaking Demystified. I am looking forward to reading your new book ,”The Power of Outrageous Expression;”

Sally Anderson-Wai

“Great to see everyone for the second part of the Public Speaking Demystified course at the Dragon Enterprise Centre, Leigh on Sea yesterday. Really useful session for inspiring confidence.”
Jane Davis, Santry Davis, Chartered Certified Accountants
 “It was very interactive and energizing course. Helene created positive and friendly atmosphere which helped me to feel safe. I’m glad I joined the workshop and I’ll recommend to anyone who would like to improve his confidence.
By the way, you’ve mention that I’ll see the gradual improvement. I think I started to see the results now.  I went for some birthday party just after Christmas where I knew one person and briefly one couple (it was about 30 people in different age). I was quite calm and confident I have to say.  Very unusual for me normally I would be stressed and would like to run away ASAP.”
Beata Diakowska

Coaching testimonial

Thank you to the wonderful Helene for an interesting hour of coaching this morning. This has helped me to focus and I have tasks now set to produce results by Monday! I have to get cracking and do some work. We covered quite a lot and I enjoyed the NLP ( I had done courses in this years ago but Helene is a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics) all about the mind and how we communicate and Helene is much more accomplished so it was great to go through some of these techniques again but at a higher level. Thank you Helene! I look forward to reporting back! Beverley Sky Fulker

Helene made me feel calm and made me feel safe, she did not make me feel stupid, my feelings mattered. They were validated and she helped me address my insecurities. I feel that I can now look and deal with situations more rationally. I can also deal with situations more calmy and with confidence after my work with Helene. Thank you. Bambi Harrison, from BB Harrison Chartered Certified Accountant

“I thoroughly enjoyed Helene Musso‘s Public Speaking Introductory Workshop. Helene is a lovely lady and she made us all relax and the exercises were engaging. She showed us how to unlock the five keys so that we feel we can public speak with confidence. I can’t wait to put her techniques into practice and to read her new book, ‘The Power of Outrageous Expression.”

Sally Anderson-Wai