You do not have to be an extrovert to have a voice

Share Your Voice ConceptI am a bubbly, so called extroverted individual but I really like the introverts for their capacity to reflect and to be happy with their thoughts.  A voice, quiet or loud is valid and needs to be heard. I realised over the years that I am in fact an introvert in disguise.

“It is not that I am not smart, it is that I sit with problems longer.” Einstein

The introvert in us gives us the space we need to organise our thoughts, understand them and then, when we are ready, we can expand on them and deliver them to the right audience in the right context. When our thoughts are organised e feel calmer, we feel confident and ready to share what we have to say.  In this frame of mind,  it is not abot being one thing or the other it is about being ready in the present.  Knowing we have a voice and the right and responsibility to share it  with others who are waiting to hear what you need to say.  In this video, Susan Cain talks about the power of the Introverts and how to be able to be heard as an introvert.

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